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Kettlebell Cardio  Shred
Starts: 2nd of August 


I love designing creative workouts that keep you engaged with the program. I myself get bored quickly, a dull workout or one that I don’t enjoy quickly diminishes my motivation and progress. That's why I put a lot of work into the Kettlebell Cardio  Shred to make it fun, effective, and diverse! "

Olga Stignii
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Who this program is for:

Anyone who wants to push boundaries looking to shred and tone their body

Intermediate and advanced level athletes will be put through their paces, be ready to sweat

Anyone who enjoys fun and creative workouts

Runners who are looking to injury-proof themselves by building a strong body for running

Anyone who’s looking for something new to take their fitness to the next level

Your goals - my mission
Why did I choose Kettlebells?

Firstly, I love Kettlebells and I believe kettlebells are the best piece of equipment available today! Kettlebells are very diverse, time-efficient  and incorporate strength training and cardio training into one, they are a highly effective way to train

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Fit Girl

Metabolic conditioning 

Kettlebell exercises will increase heart rate just as much as a typical fartlek session. On top of that, the load of a kettlebell adds to the exercise. Suddenly you have a cardio exercise that increases strength

Starter Kit

Follow along workouts, I'm doing everything with you! 

  • 5 x 30-45 min workouts per week on demand for 4 weeks/ 30 workouts in total, 10 bonus workouts you get to keep and use it as you please after we finish! 

  • 1 x 20 min mobility workout per week

  • Community

  • 24 hours support 

  • Accountability

Need help with choice?

Depending on your goal and fitness level you will choose your kettlebell weight: 

Shred & Tone Intermediate 12/16kg 
Shred & Bulk Intermediate 16/20 

Shred & Tone Advance

Shred & Bulk Advance 20/24kg

Kettlebell training produces optimal weight loss results, muscle mass building, and flexibility improvements. You will shred body , tone your muscles, and build a strong body! All in one program, two levels available intermediate and advanced.

You can add an 12-week "happy marathoner" running program in a combination with KTCS if you are looking to increase your speed and become a stronger runner!

Your goals - my mission

Book a Call

Meet and greet to get a better understanding of your goals and how I can help you to reach them.

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