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Olga Stignii
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I’m Olga, a female personal trainer based in central London. I specialise in body transformation and training runners. I have won two ultra-marathon events and I am the ex-global head of fitness for Midnight Runners.


As a coach I am committed to the success of my clients. I have 12 years for experience in the fitness industry and I would love to help you achieve your goals!

Personal Training

I offer both in person and online Personal Training

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This 4 week program

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I run on demand shred programs to burn fat and get toned


At the moment I am running a weekly Strength & Conditioning class for runners on Wednesday evenings

I am an accomplished ultra runner. I have won two races and finished in the top 10 on the world stage in the gruelling Ultra-trail Cape Town race.

I am the head of global fitness at London’s largest running club, Midnight Runners. Drawing courage and motivation from my own life-threatening accident, I've learned the positive impacts that come from keeping a healthy body and mind.  Overcoming my battle with depression, training for an ultra race, and dedicating my life to a profession where 80% of trainers fail in the first 9 months, make me a truly unique and dedicated trainer. These life experiences make me uniquely invested in the success of my clients.

I have been a personal trainer in London for over 11 years, and a level 4 qualified trainer. My philosophy is that fitness should not have a finishing line, but should instead be seen as a lifestyle to be lived. A lifestyle that makes you see life from a more positive outlook, energizing not just your body but your mind too. I am one of London’s leading female personal trainers. My training methods will not just transform your body but will rejuvenate your life.

My workouts test you and push you out of your comfort zone because that's exactly how progress is made. After all, what doesn’t challenge you doesn’t change you!


I create bespoke 360-degree plans for my clients to build your:

Muscular strength

Physical endurance

Nutritional wellbeing

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My lovely clients

Brent Curless

CEO at Windsor Property Assets

She is a very inspirational figure and her lifestyle and personal fitness are a testament to her dedication and commitment to health and vitality.It is a pleasure and a privilege to spend time with her. 

Secondly when she creates the exercises for you they are all very precise and she makes sure that your form and position are just right. There is nothing off the shelf. It really does feel like a tailored program. 

Finally and very importantly for me she knows just how far to push you so you are kept at maximum effort without going over the top.

I couldn’t recommend her more. A truly wonderful world-class Personal Trainer. 


Fletcher Gabriel-Reid

Fletcher Gabriel-Reid

I had never stepped foot into a gym before so I was like a fish out of water on my first attempt, however, having Olga as my PT to guide me through each stage of my fitness journey was transformative.


Her guidance and rigorous workouts set me up on a stable foundation to actually achieving my goals one by one but also kept me as a regular goer of the gym - something I would have never thought possible a year ago!


Director Middle East and Africa,Euromoney Conferences

Viktoria Behn

Olga is a fantastic personal trainer in central London.


I had been participating in her group classes for a while and decided to have one-on-one sessions to get me out of my exercise rut. Her sessions are challenging and push me out of my comfort zone. 

We have a lot of fun and she’s always on hand if I need advice/ideas/motivation. 

She’s an inspiration and it’s great to have a trainer who is committed and achieving amazing things with her own fitness.


Joanne Sandiford

Since starting personal training with Olga, my overall strength and fitness has improved significantly.

Olga freely shares her knowledge and expertise with a mix of professionalism, encouragement and humour always making you feel you can do even more.

She treats each client as an individual by using a mixture of different exercises and equipment thus making each session motivating, hard work and fun.


Tim Temple

I was lucky to be introduced to Olga when I needed some help to achieve my goals. She was able to quickly identify what we needed to work on and designed an appropriate program, which shifted and changed as I improved to be constantly challenging, making sure that I had the maximum benefit from every session. 

Olga has the experience and skill to adapt on the fly when I have injuries, or pre/post events, and even going from the gym to virtual training was seamless, because Olga really understands how to make effective use of whatever equipment is available, including bodyweight and furniture, and I have not missed the gym with all its equipment at all.

I achieved my initial goals and have kept working with Olga as she has helped me set my sights higher and further than I ever thought possible. If you want to do the same, and to enjoy the journey rather than just enduring it, then I'd recommend you book some sessions with Olga.

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