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My next challenge will be to run 5km every hour for 24 hours on February 24 to raise awareness of the anniversary of war un Ukraine

On February 24 of 2022 Russia’s full scale invasion of Ukraine began.

Ukraine has gallantly resisted and defended my homeland.  However Ukraine is still under constant attack and bombardment from an aggressive Russia.  Despite the fact that the war has done nothing but escalate, it has dropped from the forefront of current mainstream media.  I aim to raise awareness and try to bring the spotlight back to this issue.

To do this I will be collaborating with multiple run clubs across London, and will run 5km every hour, on the hour for 24 hours.  I will start at 3pm on Friday February 24, and the last run will start at 2pm on Saturday February 25.

The runs will start around the north side of London's Millennium Bridge.

More details to follow!

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