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Tim Temple

I would highly recommend Olga to anyone who needs help with their strength and fitness, and particularly to those with a passion for running.

I was lucky to be introduced to Olga when I needed some help to achieve my goals. She was able to quickly identify what we needed to work on and designed an appropriate program, which shifted and changed as I improved to be constantly challenging, making sure that I had the maximum benefit from every session. 

Olga has the experience and skill to adapt on the fly when I have injuries, or pre/post events, and even going from the gym to virtual training was seamless, because Olga really understands how to make effective use of whatever equipment is available, including bodyweight and furniture, and I have not missed the gym with all its equipment at all. Olga is energetic, motivational and inspiring, so I always look forward to our sessions, and the benefits of using video calls mean I don't have to take a break during holidays anymore.  

I achieved my initial goals and have kept working with Olga as she has helped me set my sights higher and further than I ever thought possible. If you want to do the same, and to enjoy the journey rather than just enduring it, then I'd recommend you book some sessions with Olga.

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