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Kettlebell Shred


Produce optimal weight loss
Build lean muscle mass
Increase running performance and power
Increase flexibility


Duration 8 weeks


4 x  25-30min workouts per week

Fitness test every 2 weeks to track your progress

Monthly health and wellness seminars on Zoom

Nutritional assessment of your diet


Monthly check-in calls


Olga Stignii

A progressive training program that incorporates Wimps Hoff breathing technique will allow you to feel stronger for longer and more energised after each workout.  Fun and effective exercises.

Kettlebell Shred it's more than just a training program.

Focused on delivering results not promises. 

Clear goals setting .

Why Kettlebells?!

Metabolic conditioning

Kettlebell exercises will increase heart rate just as much as a typical fartlek session. On top of that, the load of a kettlebell adds to the exercise. Suddenly you have a cardio exercise that increases strength.

Functional movement Kettlebell exercises are great for functional movement, the movements use multiple muscles, mimicking everyday life. To top it off you don’t even need a gym to do the workouts. You can improve your strength, cardio and shred fat with just one kettlebell.


Lighter weight with more reps: the more reps you perform in given time the more it becomes endurance training.

Cardio training

Kettlebells are a great alternative to cardio. It helps improve creativity within each workout and keeps you excited.

Full body approach 

Kettlebell exercises incorporate many muscle groups which will increase your cardio, burn more calories leading to greater fat loss. Many kettlebell movements require you to actively engage your core throughout the movement, serving as a great tool to build core strength.


Kettlebell high intensity training mixed with body weight exercises will improve your steady-state cardio and improve your metabolic rate. You will experience a bigger calorie burn because of lifting with kettlebells. This is because they build lean muscle mass vital to improving fitness levels. It helps to increase strength and your training ability.

Kettlebell training produces optimal weight loss results, muscle mass building and flexibility improvements.

Olga Stignii
What you will get:
  • 8 weeks program

  • Fitness test every 2 weeks to track your progress  

  •  4 x  25-30min workouts per week on demand/ 32 workouts in total

  • Warm up and cool down

  • 1 x 15 min mobility workout per week/ 8 workouts in total 

  • 2 health and well-being seminars 

  • Accountability - weekly catch up calls

  • Community 

  • BONUS - 1 x 30 min Saturday ZOOM 9:15 Sexy Abs class a week/ 8 classes in total 

  • 8 x Weekly WOW workouts 
    (Workout Of the Week ) 

  • 24 hours support

1 Light 4-8kg beginner (8-12kg advanced) kettlebell or dumbbell for smaller muscle groups
1 Medium 16-20kg beginner (20- 24kg advances) kettlebell for bigger muscle groups.
1 medium loop resistance band;
You wil need:

What people say:


Laura Ramuckiene

«It was an amazing challenge! I feel much stronger, fitter, younger 💪💃💃 I definitely strengthen my back and shoulders as it was my weakest area. I also feel more energetic since I started the challenge in February Lost 2, 5 kg. Your kettlebell programme and the previous challenge are what my body needs»


Rebecca Venn

“Thanks, Olga! I absolutely loved this challenge and can’t believe how powerful and strong it made me feel - I was doing squat jump KB burpees by the end when at the beginning I struggled with just a normal one! Now to keep it up 🙌🏻”


Luba Pavliv

I never thought exercise can be so empowering! 

Olga's positive energy, the ability to keep me accountable and motivated kept me coming back for more and actually doing the workouts and staying on track with the challenge. After each workout, I felt more energetic which was something very weird to me as I thought I  will be exhausted from doing this workout, but instead I was buzzing, thanks to Olga's innovative approach to exercise. 

Olga has created an outstanding 8 weeks program including the Wimp Hofs breathing technique and a great selection of the exercises with easier variations if needed that I will be going back to and will highly recommend to anyone! 


Leslie Prat

«I feel so much stronger, before the Kettlebell Shred Challenge I struggled to hold the plank for more than 20 seconds now I can hold a plank for more than 1 min and doing a burpee was something unreal for me, now I can do them with ease, don't get me wrong I still hate burpees but I can do them now. My body looked stronger, leaner and I feel great physically and mentally. I’m ready to take on the next challenge. Thank you, Olga!


Simon Zekaria

Olga's kettlebell program will make you strong. It is easy to follow and Olga thinks of everything in a step-by-step process, including warm up, breathing and a variety of exercises to push you. You will notice an amazing difference in your body tone and overall cardiovascular fitness.

Kettlebells are very diverse, time efficient  and incorporate strength training and cardio training into one, they are a highly effective way to train.
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