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Ever since I started, I have settled with the results I received on my journey for my 10 consecutive marathon events, trying to change my eating habits and my exercise routines/variation. While following you on social media and with the special circumstances we've had the last year, you have inspired and encouraged me to want to make a greater change and start new habits, which could be a part of my everyday life. To make that even possible, I felt I wanted to have a structured programme to follow and keep me inspired 


Finally, I dared myself to sign up for your Detox Challenge in November/December, which led me to join the Advent Challenge. The Challenge has taught and made me think more of how to choose good and nutritious food, and get inspired and motivated following a programme, with challenging exercises to make both my body and mind work.  


I have also seen my body starting to transform into something I never thought my 47-year-old body could even look like, which makes me believe that a continuation of this mind-set and exercise routine will make me even more successful. 


Furthermore, I have realized that establishing habits and making it a part of your everyday life is really important, as with most things, but also not to have too high expectations and be happy with what you can do. Planning is as always something that I enjoyed and will do more of, both concerning food, exercise, and relaxation. 


Look forward to participating in your next Detox Challenge.

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