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I joined Olga’s core detox and spring core sculpt programmes, and in four months have seen more of a change in my physique and well-being than I have seen in the last ten years of trying different exercise plans only to lose interest. What sets Olga’s plans apart are the perfectly pitched work outs which are challenging enough to get results but not so hard that they become a chore or cause motivation to wane. The daily to-do lists are also fantastic to help you to keep on top of the programme and retain motivation. 


In just four months I have gained the body I always dreamed of and most importantly I know that the routine Ive established is sustainable in the future. 

Olga’s enthusiasm is infectious and she is so approachable, even virtually I knew she was always there. There is no better trainer to help people reach their goals. 

Completing Olga’s challenges during lockdown has preserved my well-being and I feel the best I have in years, she is one in a million and I can’t wait to work with her again.

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