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Fitness Class

Personal Trainer Central London

Olga Stignii


Online training only

Online training via easy to use mobile app

Personal training

Via video call on WhatsApp, FaceTime or Zoom

Street fit bootcamps

Street fit  Central  London fitness bootcamps

Saturday Zoom Core Killer


Everybody is not made the same

What works for your bestie or hubby, may not work for you.

At Olgas Fitness, I believe the road to ultimate happiness and health starts with finding the right trainer who can build custom exercise plans, unique encouragement, and a focus on mindset! 

Let’s change your life from the comfort of home. With my programmes, you will finally lose weight, build confidence, and be able to wear those skin-tight outfits you have hidden in the back of your closet.  

Need help with choice?

Book a Call

Meet and greet to get a better understanding of your goals and how I can help you to reach them.

Your goals - my mission
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